Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chocolate Brownie Pancakes...mmmmmmmmmmm

Okay, admit it...there are times when you want chocolate and ONLY chocolate, right?  Well, for me, it happened one day at supper time...not good, wanting chocolate for dinner when you have a family to feed!  So, we were having 'breakfast for dinner' and having pancakes and my usual chocolate chip pancakes just weren't gonna do it for me.  So I did some thinking...

...and came up with CHOCOLATE BROWNIE PANCAKES!!  A compromise of healthy and chocolate...they're suddenly a family favourite :)

Want to make your own?  Here's what I did:

Use your usual pancake batter (homemade or boxed)...I didn't have any wholewheat flour to make scratch batter, so I cheated and used a 'complete' box type but added fresh eggs and milk rather than just water.  

Melt a 'family size' bar of dark chocolate and let it cool until about room temperature...meanwhile let your batter warm to room temperature.  Then, stir the chocolate into the batter.  If the temperatures are too far apart, the chocolate will seize and you'll have parts of your batter without chocolate.  It's still usuable, though :)  A thicker batter will get more of a brownie texture; it'll rise more and require more cooking, so the pancakes are more a brownie should be!

Here are my favourite add-ins, if you have them on hand:
- chocolate milk instead of white
- powdered hot chocolate mix
- big splash of cold coffee (or teaspoon of instant granules) to bring out the chocolate flavour

Start cooking, serve hot with jam or syrup...and enjoy.  Don't forget to share!!!