Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ivy (my oldest child) and I have been taking an on-loom weaving class at the Anna Templeton Centre over the past six weeks.  I chose wool warp and weft in various shades of cream and grey.  Ivy chose cotton warp and weft, the warp in black and the weft in pinks and blacks with accents of blue, white and yellow. We both chose some ribbons to intersperse in our weaving.

My finished weaving came off the loom yesterday; Ivy still has a ways to go! She is really enjoying playing with the yarns and colours (especially the bobbin winder!).  It took us twelve hours to get the projects planned, wrap the warps and thread the looms.  We finally got to weave!!  I think she's hooked :) I know I am!

Here are some in-progress photos: